Save Years and $1,000’s on Healing From Physical and Psychological Illness

If you are struggling with ongoing psychological or physical illness, what can you do?

The first port of call for many is to go to their doctor. This makes sense. After all, they are usually able to offer a good diagnosis of the condition.

They are also able to give symptom treatments that can be very effective.

Unfortunately, the symptoms often return.

At this stage, some people just “put up with it”. Until the point that they can no longer.

Many start to research on the internet or ask in Facebook groups and find all sorts of alternative treatment options.

Some of these are excellent. However, the amount of information is overwhelming for many.

Also, many are touted as one-size fits all solutions.

“Cancer? You need cannabis oil/alkalinity/Gerson diet”

“Anxiety? That’s a gut flora imbalance”

“Candida? Elimination diet for you!”

Because some people have experienced great results, of course, they champion these methods.

However, they are still really symptom treatments. And what works for one, may not work for another.

Understandably, many people jump from one to another treatment, or end up trying everything.

As well as being deeply frustrating and disheartening, this route can be incredibly expensive.

How Can This Be Avoided?

Without understanding the root cause of a health condition, all treatments are just symptom treatments. Therefore, for anyone who wants to heal as efficiently as possible, understanding the root cause is key.

META-Health offers the opportunity to learn this information and streamline your healing process.

It is not a therapy on its own, but enables you to find out why the issue is there, and what caused it to occur in the first place.

This gives a clear understanding of what to do to solve the problem, knowing what health interventions will support you, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

It is an unbiased system based on integrative medicine, so both conventional and complementary approaches fit. However, a key part of healing is releasing the emotional shocks, beliefs and behaviour patterns that have led to the condition remaining or repeating, so this will be included in any recommendation.

You will gain increased understanding that all healing is self-healing, as well as confidence in your ability to heal.

Other interventions, such as nutritional and lifestyle changes may be required and these will also be discussed.

Recently, I launched a new offer of an individual META-Health Analysis for just £100 (My previous price was £300)

This was initially for just 5 people, so I could ensure that my new style of analysis (more intuitive and holistic) would be successful.

However, the feedback from the sessions has been great and I’ve really enjoyed working in this way.

Therefore, I’ve decided to extend this and keep offering the META-Health Analysis sessions for just £100 for a bit longer.

This is a great opportunity if you have ongoing physical or psychological symptoms that you would like to resolve.

During the session, we will explore the symptom or condition and the themes in your life, beliefs, thought patterns and specific events that have led to it occurring and are holding it in place.

You will realise the specific root cause of the condition and which stage you are at in the healing cycle.

I will guide you to become the expert in your own body and its responses, as well as develop a new understanding of what you can do to move forwards to new levels of health.

The sessions are carried out via Zoom video conferencing.

If you’d like to take up one of these sessions, just reply by email to and we can book in a time that suits you.

And, anyone who books before 31st October will also get 1/3 off if they decide to book an ongoing treatment and coaching plan.

If you are ready for this, I’d love to guide you on your healing journey!

Sam x

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