Thanks so much for your Meta Health consultation and report Sam, the questions led me to uncover some issues connected with the past which need further healing. I love the way you’ve guided me to find the root cause of my Vertigo and also the aftercare advice too. The need of ‘being on safe ground’ in your report sums it up perfectly which was affecting my balance as well as ability to stretch out of my comfort zone. Working this way to uncover the emotional root cause of physical symptoms puts you back in control of the problem once you know what to do with it. Fantastic results, thanks again for these insights’’ – Wendy


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Would you like to understand what is at the core of your health issues?

Do you wonder what the real causes of stress are?

What if your symptoms, rather than being a sign of your body malfunctioning were an expression of your consciousness?  One that could guide you to understand who you really are and take a journey of personal growth.

Meta Health ® is a new philosophy of health and healing.  It is founded on the intricate connection between the biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of your life.  Therefore, it focuses on the unique meanings that an individual takes from their illness and their life.  This is not necessarily the same for all of us.  Otherwise, each one of us that had been through similar situations would have the same symptoms, which just does not happen.  It is about our own perceptions and beliefs.

Meta Health ® offers a concise analytical framework that gives comprehensive and specific information as to why you experience specific health issues and indicates what you need to do to resolve them.  At its core is the principle that your body (and everything in nature) has innate intelligence and never makes a mistake.  It is based on decades of (continuing) research by practitioners and medical doctors.  It looks at physical, emotional, mental, social, environmental and spiritual health issues as fully and completely interconnected.

The research, which began in the 1970’s, found that the onset of disease could be traced to a specific kind of emotional shock or a prolonged period of conflict. It was also found that the type of shock or conflict determined which organ or body tissue the disease appeared in.

By analysing the location of a symptom and the time that they have been there, it’s possible to find the exact emotional shock or conflict which caused it.

When a specific kind of conflict or shock occurs, it manifests physically, both in the brain and a specific body tissue.

The body, rather than malfunctioning, is in fact adapting.  The disease process is a biological program in order to deal with the shock. The intention of the program is to enable that part of the body to deal better with that conflict in future and therefore for us to survive better as a species.

From this perspective, the body doesn’t make mistakes and it is our perceptions of the events, people and surroundings in our life that create what we call disease.  This is tremendously empowering as it means that we can heal ourselves by changing those “myth-perceptions”.

Meta Health ® is not another therapy or technique.  Rather, it is a comprehensive approach to understanding how your health and personal development are fully integrated.  It is a scientifically researched model which offers a detailed understanding of exactly what stress is and how it affects your body. It also gives offers important insight into why specific diseases occur at specific times and the physical mechanism by which the symptoms evolve.

By analysing your symptoms with Meta Health ®, you can then take steps to resolve them.  This can be using any appropriate means for you, including mainstream medicine, holistic approaches, and coaching.  We will also look at real life adjustments in your day to day life that can lead to a resolution.

A Meta Health ® Consultation is a profound journey which can give you deep insights and enable you to create powerful SOUL-utions to resolve your symptoms and much more.


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Why Choose a Meta Health ® Consultation?

A very real problem that you can face when you are trying to heal is what I call the “healing merry go round”.  When you have tried conventional medicine, holistic therapies or both, it is common to feel better after treatment.  However, your symptoms gradually creep back in.  This is because the healing is focused on your symptoms or what happened at the time that you became ill.  This seems to make sense.  However, in most cases, the disease process started way before you became aware of the symptoms.

When you have a Meta Health ® consultation, we will use a specific and accurate process.  This uncovers the precise shocking event or conflict and the themes in your life that have led you to develop symptoms.  Due to the in depth nature, your consultation will take anything up to three hours.  We will then agree on a therapy plan that will support you to resolve your symptoms.  In addition, you learn from them and create new and exciting outcomes in your life.

Are You Ready To Heal Yourself?

Meta Health ® consultation will give you the insights that you need so that your body, mind and spirit can heal.

If you’d like to book a FREE 30 minute Discover Meta Health ® call with me, you can do so here.  You will find out more about Meta Health ® and how a META-Coaching plan can support you in returning to wellness.  During this call (on Skype or similar), you will learn:

  • The biological reason and meaning for your health condition.
  • The 9 stages of a dis-ease process and which stage you are in
  • What you need to do to fully understand and find the root cause of your symptoms
  • How your body is giving you a valuable message that gives you amazing potential to heal your life on a bigger scale


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