People are often surprised how effective EFT Skype sessions are.  However, in any EFT session, you typically carry out your own tapping, mirroring the practitioner.  Therefore, it’s easy to see why tapping works so well this way.

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EFT Skype sessions

EFT Skype sessions – no need to dress up!

Here are just some of the benefits of EFT Skype Sessions for you:

You can be anywhere – there’s no need to travel to the practitioner

You can choose the best practitioner for you.  As you aren’t limited by geography, you can work with anyone, based on their areas of speciality and whether you feel a good connection with them.  My specialist areas are health, wealth and personal freedom.  I use a lot of humour and a provocative style that supports rapid change, so if that sounds like a good fit for you, get in touch.

Skype sessions are convenient.  You save on travel time and costs.  If you have limited mobility at all, EFT Skype removes that barrier to you getting effective sessions.  I’ve worked with many clients during their lunch hour at work.

EFT Skype Sessions 2

EFT Skype sessions – accessible for everyone!

Your session can be visually confidential.  I don’t need to see you and if you know the basic tapping points, we can work by voice alone.  Please note I will still need a completed new client form.

EFT Skype sessions are very efficient.  A key skill for practitioners is getting our own stuff out of the way so we can fully focus on you.  There are less distractions while working on Skype.

It’s cost effective.  Practitioners who work in therapy centres have to pay to do so.  Therefore this is reflected in the rates that they charge.


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Many of the most experienced practitioners work on Skype.  We have the confidence and skill to do so and have seen how effective it is, over and over again.  Most inexperienced practitioners aren’t willing to offer EFT Skype sessions.  They still have limiting beliefs about it all going wrong!  Therefore, you are likely to work with the most effective practitioners this way.

As well as Skype, I also have access to a secure and high quality online platform that is very easy to invite you to.  This means you don’t need a Skype account to take part.  I just send you a link, you click it and join the session instantly.

I hope you can see that EFT Skype sessions are a convenient and effective option for you.  Of course, I include META-Health and Matrix Reimprinting in the Skype sessions, as well as EFT.

If you are ready, you can book a session and start experiencing more of what you want in life, or feel free to book a free consultation here.  You can find out how other people have benefited by working with me here.

Where Do You Cover with EFT Skype Sessions?

I work with clients all over the world.  If you speak English, I can support you to create a life you truly love.