One to One Private Sessions

I am delighted to be able to offer one to one sessions either face to face wherever I am, or by Skype for clients anywhere in the world.  Please contact me first to arrange a time and date that works for us both.  I may be prepared to travel by prior agreement, for which there may be additional cost.

All sessions will vary from person to person and can be any combination of EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Meta Health, Provocative Style Tapping and other techniques.

There are occasions where people experience profound change in one session.  However, it is usually advisable to spend further time exploring other aspects around the issue to increase the likelihood of a permanent solution.  If you are taking part in multiple sessions, you will be offered practical and actionable ongoing work, exercises and techniques to work on between sessions and enhance your results.

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6 Session Package saving £185

I wanted to say a massive thank you for running such a powerful workshop on `Money Beliefs using EFT`. I had come across tapping in the past and was yet to try it. To be introduced to a technique as powerful as this has been life-altering for personal issues as well as previously held limiting beliefs (now cleared!).

Your friendliness, sensitivity, positive attitude and expertise in the fields of money/finances and EFT were a great combination to help drive forward more personal success in my life. There was such powerful energy in each session, at times it felt tangible! The course has led me to tapping daily for the past 2 months and is now a firm part of my daily self-love routine alongside meditation and exercise. I`ve not stopped raving about it to pretty much everyone I`ve met and I`m very excited to see more positive results of beautiful money money money and success in my life! Thanks again! Leila

I run my own business and a large part of my job is making sales calls, something I previously dreaded. I was sceptical about the effectiveness of EFT, but after Sam’s workshop I noticed an incredible shift.

Any anxiety I had about the calls just melted away and this made a huge impact on my performance. Conversations seemed easier, people were more cooperative and I was able to schedule 3 appointments in the first week, compared to my average of 1 or less. Not only that, but I also had 3 existing clients approach me with new business opportunities, one of which was for a large and lucrative job!

The overwhelming difference I noticed though was in my attitude. Previously it always felt like a struggle to get new business and that I had to work frantically just to achieve the bare minimum. After the shift I experienced, everything just seemed to flow more naturally and it actually felt more productive to relax and work less hard. I also felt an overwhelming sense of abundance and that there is plenty of opportunity for everyone so it’s a given that I can have my share. Oli Corse

I had suffered from Migraines all my life, which at times stopped me from working. I used to work with Sam and on one particular day I actually had a migraine and was about to leave work as I thought I had no other choice than to be in a great deal of pain hiding in a darkened room for the rest of the day. Sam offered to try and help me with EFT, I was sceptical but thought I had nothing to lose. Sam took me through a number of tapping techniques and continued to ask me a sequence of questions and asked me to repeat certain phrases. We continued to do this for about 20 minutes and throughout this time the pain slowly reduced until the migraine had completely gone. This is by far the quickest I have ever been able to get through a Migraine and one year on I have not had one since. I would highly recommend anyone that suffers in this way to contact Sam at Freedom Here and Now. Iain mcCulloch
I asked Sam if he could help me to deal with my vertigo which I have had as long as I can remember. It has stopped me from undertaking some activities whilst on holidays and been a cause of stress both for myself and those around me.

It has also lead to embarrassing and comedic situations such as the time I got stuck on the loft ladder for 20 minutes.

Sam asked me some questions about occasions when the fear has stopped me from doing things I need/want to do and how this felt. He taught me some techniques to help me remove/reduce my fears. Although, after only one session, I`ve not totally overcome my problems I am on the way to doing so. I will be able to achieve my goal of walking over the O2 arena in London in the near future.

I plan to undertake a few more sessions with Sam and would recommend anyone with any longstanding fears, like vertigo, to speak to Sam and he will help. Next stop the Sydney Harbour Bridge walk!

Thanks Sam. Michelle Day

I did not expect such a profound and moving experience from EFT. I am intrigued and delighted that EFT provides such a direct and immediately vehicle to access change so quickly.

Sam is clearly a very skilled and natural therapist and I felt completely safe and supported during the whole session. I would highly recommend Sam. Andrea Harding

After my EFT session with Sam I felt revitalised and optimistic. He put me at ease right from the start by carefully explaining what to expect, and he adapted his approach to suit my individual needs. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their lives and are prepared to try something different. Bev Spring