Motivation Mojo Part 4 – Supporting Yourself With Positive Daily Rituals

No, I don’t mean magic spells (but if you know some, go for it!)

Everyone has rituals in their life.

Sadly, most people’s rituals are unconscious and not geared towards a positive outcome. An example could be someone waking up in the morning and while lying in bed, their mind starts running through everything they’re dreading about the day – “It’s raining, the traffic’s going to be terrible, I haven’t done that report, my boss is going to have a go at me, it’s going to be a dreadful day…………” and this pattern of thought and feeling continues throughout the day.

There you have it! An unconscious, misery inducing daily ritual that I’m sorry to say is how many people live their lives.

What can you do instead?

There are loads of positive rituals that you can consciously build into your life. Many people have a morning routine with elements including journaling, meditation, exercise, tapping, walking in nature, grounding and many others.

One really simple thing that you can include in your day is a gratitude practice of some sort. Keeping a journal of what you appreciate each day can have strange and powerful effects – especially if you get into the feeling space of gratitude once you’ve written them down.

This can effectively program you subconsciously to start noticing more opportunities to be grateful in your life. This then leads to you being more easily able to take action, rather than encounter resistance.

OK, so these are some simple and extremely effective steps to take if motivation is lacking. In summary:

  • Get to know yourself (understand your values)
  • Create inspiring and meaningful intentions for your life
  • Release your resistance to getting stuff done
  • Develop positive daily habits and rituals to support your success

When you do this, you will be more mentally, emotionally and energetically aligned with what you choose to do.

Remember, little and often is best when trying to create change in your life. Doing it all at once is too much of a great disturbance in the force and you could end up frazzled, overwhelmed and frustrated. And, of course, backward steps happen. Change is rarely a constant upwards curve, so be kind to yourself when you invariably fall of the horse. Creating new habits and outcomes takes time.

If you’d like some more guidance on this, I’ve created a three part video course (around 15 minutes each video), which can support you to:

  • Get clear on the goals, outcomes and intentions that really inspire you to change your life
  • Create simple and effective daily habits and rituals that feel like they magnetise positivity into your life
  • Release your emotional attachment to your negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs so that you become more powerful in creating what you want

You can get the whole course for free right here –

I’d love to hear how you get on.

Wishing you health, wealth and freedom (and whatever you value of course!)

Sam Neffendorf


This blog is adapted from my article that was published in the incredible online health magazine, Healthy Perspectives, where I am a regular writer. If you’d like to find many health articles from many different perspectives, check it out here –

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