It’s Raining Free Money On The STEEM Blockchain!!!

Recently, I wrote a post about what I consider to be a key missing piece in creating financial abundance for content creators and entrepreneurs.

I believe that it’s really valuable to get involved with this and not just because of the financial aspect.

Blockchain technology is rapidly changing many aspects of life.

We have de-centralised currencies that have value based on the consensus of the community

We have the opportunity to share uncensored information and connect in new ways

It is possible to be generous and support causes that you believe in, just by the value of your vote

And, I have just had my first experience of literally receiving free money!

Yesterday, I took part in something called an airdrop.

This is when a cryptocurrency is distributed among a community.

In this case, a currency called Bytes is being distributed to account holders on the Steem platform.

In about 10 minutes, I was able to receive around $210 worth of the currency! I am expecting to receive more from sharing the information with others.

In case you are wondering, you can exchange some of that into the fiat currency of your choice (such as £ or $).

These airdrops are expected to become increasingly common as blockchains and their respective currencies aim for mass adoption.

This will happen in the next few years. The user base is expected to grow by around 60 times.

The G20 has called for unified regulations and in South Korea, the exchanges are now officially recognised as Financial Institutions –

If you aren’t already involved, now is an amazing time to start getting to grips with this.

For me, the best place to begin is the STEEM blockchain.

This is because it has an established community and is easy to join at no cost.

As I’ve mentioned before, you can then earn cryptocurrency (which is real money) by creating blogs, videos, audio and other formats.

Along with all of the other amazing benefits of the platform that you can read about in my previous post.

Plus airdrops of free money!

I am using the excellent WordPress Plugin, Steempress (@steempress-io), which automatically converts articles and blogs that I write on WordPress into Steemit blogs – giving an immediate opportunity for a new income stream!

Therefore, this is for 2 Groups of people:

If you are reading this on my WordPress Blog (

Would you like to create wealth just by creating content on whatever you enjoy writing or speaking about? Literally any subject can be popular on this platform, which has over 1 million registered accounts and is one of the fastest growing websites in the world.

It is also fast becoming an excellent place for entrepreneurs with many new apps being supported, including crowdfunding and an online entrepreneurial incubator.

You can get a free account at – it can take a little while to come through, as each account is validated.

You are unlikely to be able to benefit from the Byteball airdrop, as it is paying out to established Steem account holders with a decent reputation score.

However, you can quickly build your reputation score by creating well regarded content and be ready for future airdrops.

Using this platform has been an incredible journey for me. It is truly empowering, which is why I recommend it to anyone. I am now including coaching on how to succeed on the STEEM platform as an optional, or standalone module to anyone that is interested in creating financial freedom in new ways.

Of course, I include tapping to resolve any limiting beliefs that could cause resistance to this!

Here is a review that I was delighted to receive just today from a client who took part in this coaching:

I had a session with Sam to discuss how I could use the blogging platform Steemit, and to discover how to get the most of it. During the 90 minutes I learnt a huge amount and it was clear that Sam is something of an expert in maximising the benefits of Steemit. For anyone who is already blogging, making podcasts or videos, this can provide you with another income stream. And if the thought of discovering how to use another new platform makes your heart sink, book a session with Sam – it will pay for itself. – Mary Jane Sharratt

If you are reading this on my Steemit Blog (@eftnow)

In case you didn’t already know (maybe you’ve been camping with no access to wifi, or in hiding), you can get free money, right now (takes about 5 minutes) from Byteball!

You do this just by downloading their wallet and then connecting it to your Steem account!

The amount of money you will receive is based on your Steem reputation:

Reputation 30+ = $10

Reputation 40+ = $20

Reputation 50+ = $40

Reputation 60+ = $80

Reputation 70+ = $160

One half of this amount is locked in a smart contract for 12 months before you can use it, but the other half is available for you to use straight away.

You can send it straight to your exchange of choice (that accepts byteball), and convert it into the crypto, or fiat currency of your choice!

If you’d like to use my referral link, that would be awesome.

Here it is –

Once you have your wallet set up, drop me a message on Discord at eftnow#4591 or just request in the comments below with your wallet address and I will send you the attestation fee to complete the process.

For the simplest step-by-step instructions on how to do it, check out this excellent post by my friend @bobaphet – no point in me re-inventing the wheel!

And, once you’ve done this, you will then have your own referral link and be able to access more rewards!


This is an example of the new financial opportunities that Blockchain technology is bringing to the table and the STEEM blockchain is the best place I know to become familiar with this.

If it all sounds too good to be true, consider this. Several years ago, there was a new online Bitcoin Wallet that was giving 50 Bitcoins to anyone that signed up for a FREE wallet.

At today’s price, those 50 Bitcoins would be worth $337,586!

That Would Have Been An Incredible Time To Get Involved!

But, The Next Best Option Is NOW!

So, if you aren’t already on it, go and grab your STEEM Blockchain account via

You can see how I’m doing here –

And, if you want any support with really making this work for you practically, emotionally and energetically, just drop me a line.

This airdrop is just an example of how things are evolving in this crazy new world. The best things to happen probably haven’t even been thought of yet!

Wishing you health, abundance and freedom!

Sam x

p.s. This is not just financial. This technology is a physical manifestation of global spiritual advancement.

I believe that blockchain technology is a true evolution in human consciousness. We are in the early days. However, it is breaking the stranglehold that the banks currently hold on the world’s economy and creation of money supply.

Some of the systems are providing genuine alternative ways of governance, so we have many exciting opportunities here.

Steem on!

Please note that I am not a financial adviser these days and am not making any investment recommendations. However, if you are interested in using and understanding blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, without having to invest any of your fiat currency, the Steem blockchain is definitely worth a look!

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