Is This Your Mid Life Wake Up Call?

Is This Your Mid-Life Wake Up Call?

Are you among the millions of men over age forty burdened by unfulfilled dreams, diminished expectations, an irrational fear of tomorrow and a boring, stressful daily routine?

Is your adult life far less than you had expected it would be?

Are you noticing new health challenges, or maybe signs that are starting to worry you?

What if you could restore joy and vitality, build new positive expectations and create a spirit of adventure in your life?

Despite what they feel, men at this age don’t need to abandon dreams of vigorous health, a fulfilling career, deeply connected personal relationships and a prosperous lifestyle on their own terms.

In fact, for many, middle age is a great time to regain balance in the present, creatively align with the future and take charge of life!

If you are feeling ready for this, I’d like to invite you to have a chat and find out how I can support you on this path.

Just message me if you’d like to arrange this and we can take it from there.

Here are some words from men that I’ve supported in this way:

I was referred to Sam by a friend at a time when I was struggling with anxiety, low self-esteem and frustration at feeling stuck in a pattern of negative emotions around both work and home life. With good humour and a no-nonsense approach, Sam quickly put me at ease and guided me on a journey exploring the origins of my negative emotions, both recent experiences and episodes in childhood. Despite some initial scepticism on my part, I found tapping to be an accessible and effective technique for unlocking and resolving many of those feelings. Combined with visualisation, values mapping and gentle coaxing from Sam, tapping has enabled me to reach a more positive and peaceful state, with greater clarity about what I want from life. I’ve also learned a simple technique that I’m confident will be a companion for life.  After six 90 minute sessions with Sam, I’ve achieved some significant positive shifts in my emotional and mental state which I now feel able to build on in the months and years ahead. Thank you, Sam. 

James, Bristol


When I first met Sam I was in a bit of a mess.

I had suffered with constant depression and anxiety for years I had contemplated and unsusccessfully attempted suicide a number of times.

I had been to doctors, therapists on pills and nothing seemed to work until my my wife insisted I try Sam and his technique out.

I am a natural sceptic and the thought of parting with my cash for what in my opinion was quackery was a big no.

However the thought of never getting over my mental health issues won out and I thought I’d have a crack at it anyway.

Sam was an instantly likeable fella who had an aura of calm and confidence about him which immediately set me at ease.  We got into the technique straight away and a number of issues, entirely related to my condition, were pinpointed and worked on.

After the first session I felt an instant lifting of a weight that had been on me for what seemed like years and years.

I opted for six sessions in the end and we explored so much in that time.  I feel totally different now and have taken on projects and tasks I could have only dreamed about doing before I met Sam.

I have left with techniques that I still use on a daily basis which have helped enormously with my Mental Health and previous life traumas.

I am glad I was talked into this and I am glad I met Sam who was able to help me get through.  I can wholly recommend Sam and EFT to anyone who is considering trying out this technique.

Justin, Bristol

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