If You’ve Been Tapping or Affirming For Abundance and Waiting For Something To Happen…….HERE IT IS!

It’s no wonder that abundance, especially financial abundance has been one of the hottest topics in the holistic and personal development world well, as far back as it goes.

Alchemists “turning lead into gold”

Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich

Affirmations for a healthy and wealthy life

Tapping for Wealth and Financial Abundance

Just think of all of the collective energy and intention that has flowed into this subject over the years!

And, what is the most important thing to remember in the manifestation process!


Yet, unfortunately that is what most people do.

For example viewing that they need to get more clients.

Create a new “package”

Sell more.

And it’s understandable that we can only see the ways we already know to earn money.

What we’ve been taught.

However, what if this collective energy and intention has manifested new opportunities into our reality?

At first, a vibrational shift…..

Then rippling down into “physical reality”

I believe that this has happened and is manifesting through technology that is giving new opportunities for financial abundance and freedom for anyone that embraces them.

The first big one was BITCOIN (that is now over 10 years old)

And the technology used for that has been replicated and improved until now there are thousands of ways that this Blockchain technology is being utilised.

My favourite is the STEEM platform, where content creators and entrepreneurs can be directly rewarded for their creativity, technical knowledge and much more.

It’s turning the whole concept of finance and reward on its head!

I’ve been actively using this platform for the past 9 months and during that time, I’ve learned how to make hundreds of dollars per week directly from my content – old and new.

Without selling or advertising anything!

People all over the world are doing this – and it’s going to get bigger and bigger!

In a few years, this will be commonplace. But now is the time to get on board as a relatively early adopter and create new streams of abundance.

And it’s not just about the individual – there are amazing ways on the platform to help others – it is easy to raise funds for meaningful causes as well.

There’s so much to it and if you produce content of any kind, getting involved with this could be amazing for you.

This is why I’ve opened up a new combination course, where I am teaching what I’ve learned over the past 9 months, as well as my Bust Out Of Your Moneybox programme – all about lifting the mental and emotional blocks that can keep you stuck and closed to potential!

It’s available now at an incredible price, as I really want to see people not only adopting this new way of being, but truly thriving as well.

If you make any kind of creative, or factual content and especially if you have a back-catalog, this will definitely be awesome for you.

Go and check it out here.

As I want to help you to make your mind up and take part in this abundant new reality, this great offer is only available until Sunday 12th August at midnight Central European Time.

I’d love to guide you to profit from AND enjoy this as much as I am!

If you are worried that it will be hard to understand this new technology, I want to let you know that many previous technophobes have taken the plunge and are getting great results. And, with everything I’ll teach you in the course and the forum, along with shifting your beliefs about what’s possible, you will thrive.

If you are receiving and reading this and are already using social media, you’ll be able to do this!

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