Epigenetics and Meta-Health Solutions

According to current research into Epigenetics, less than 1% of all disease is due to faulty genes (the dominant medical hypothesis for most conditions).

Therefore, 99%+ is due to environmental factors causing the body to respond.

Environmental factors include toxins, nutrition, lack of exercise and also, crucially, emotional events (including trauma) and thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

The great news is that this means you are not the prisoner of your genes. In 99%+ of cases, changing the environmental signal can lead to a change in the disease state.

So, one aspect of this is the physical, with changes in nutrition, supplements, cleansing and exercise.

There’s so much more than that though.

A really key part is changing the perceptions, stresses and beliefs that led to the disease state in the first place. Otherwise, physical treatment of any kind is really just symptom treatment and rarely addresses the root cause.

This can be by lifestyle change, for example moving home, paying off a debt, getting a new job etc.

However, this isn’t always practical. Emotional interventions, such as EFT (tapping) can support you to change your beliefs and relationship with the past events that are causing the dis-ease to manifest and stay in place.

META-Health is an integrated analysis system that draws upon the interconnectedness of the body, mind and social elements of life to create great opportunities for self-healing.

All viable therapies, treatments and physical solutions can fit within it. This creates a fully integrated health plan.

At its core is the notion that symptoms arising in the body are an intelligent adaptation to specific stressful events and patterns.

If you or anyone you know has been trying to heal from physical or mental/emotional illness and would like to find out how META-Health can support self-healing, you can find out more about it here – https://eftnow.co.uk/meta-health-analysis/

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