Chances are, you’ve experienced anxiety of some level in your life – almost all of us do.  It can manifest as anything from fluttering in the tummy region when asking someone on a date, through to full blown panic attacks, or even being unable to get out of bed for fear of what could happen. Tapping for anxiety is one of the simplest and most effective ways to support yourself when it’s happening.

tapping for anxiety

Anxiety Man – capable of leaping to the worst conclusions in a single bound! Only tapping for anxiety can save him…

One reason that EFT for anxiety is so useful, is that you can apply it at any time and all you need are your fingers!  On a simple day to day basis, tapping anxiety away can be really empowering.  Once you’ve experienced how quickly it can work for you, you’ll be curious about just how much EFT can change your life.  Beyond just tapping for anxiety, what else is possible if this works?

In the video below, I’m going to teach you one tapping technique for anxiety.  This is designed for day to day use.  However, it is possible to go deeper than this and really find the root cause (or causes) of anxiety.

While the anxiety you experience might feel like a massive hindrance, there is a biological reason that it’s there.  Like most behaviour patterns, anxiety that you experience is a way that your subconscious mind endeavours to keep you safe.  Of course, you have unhelpful thought patterns when experiencing anxiety.  However, the real problem is what you are feeling in your body.  The  sensations you have could include chills, accelerated heartbeat, crawling skin, dry mouth or many others.  If you think about it, these are what really cause the problem. It could be as inability to act, say what you’d consciously like to say, or anything else.  The EFT anxiety video below is all about releasing these feelings quickly.

Anxiety is a combination of fear of something in front of you (literally an attack to your front, but also could be a metaphor, such as fear of the future), alongside a feeling of being powerless.  Tapping for anxiety goes beyond symptom management and enable you to find the root cause of why you experience anxiety.

How Tapping For Anxiety Can Find The Root Cause

Finding the root cause requires you to recall specific events in your life when you felt powerless and/or “attacked from the front”.  Attacked from the front could be anything from an assault or car crash, to being shouted at by a teacher.  You may have many of these events throughout your life.  One way to work with this is by using tapping exercises for anxiety focusing on specific events. You can do this yourself or with a skilled practitioner (which will usually make it a quicker, more effective process).

On it’s own, tapping therapy for anxiety is usually quick and effective.  If you are keen to find the root cause and resolve excessive anxiety for good, META-Health Analysis is a powerful process to quickly pinpoint the specific events that led to the “frontal fear” and “powerlessness” elements of anxiety.  You can find out more about META-Health here.

Over the last five years, I’ve supported hundreds of people in tapping for anxiety of many different kinds.  Whether general anxiety or anxiety related to specific issues ranging from money to phobias, tapping away anxiety can lead to amazing life changes.

If you’d like to find out more about a permanent tapping solution for anxiety, you can book a Discover META-Health call with me here, at no cost to you.

OK, now here’s the video to support you in tapping away anxiety as and when you feel it.