I’ve never been a massive fan of using affirmations.  The idea of repeatedly saying something that isn’t true about your life in the hope that it will eventually become true seems like a slow and painful way of creating change.  That’s because I see many people affirming what they believe they want in their life, while their body and emotions are completely out of tune with the words.  This results in a massive screaming NO to the universe.

In fact, for me, the best use for affirmations is to uncover the limiting beliefs and emotional states that are holding you back from what you desire, so that you can use tapping techniques to nullify them and change your emotional and vibrational state to be closer to what you seek.

However, Neil Fellowes, my marketing mentor and owner of several successful wellbeing ventures, including 7Figure Back Office and Total Wellness Club has had many great experiences with affirmations and uses them in a very different way to most.   So, I thought it would be great to find out more about how he has done this.  As well as some great stories of manifesting successes, there are some really useful tips you can pick up throughout this interview if you’d like to manifest more of what you want in your life.

And here's the Yogi Ramesh Padney clip as mentioned in the interview - have fun :o)

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  • Renee Hallowell

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    Great conversation! Thanks for sharing this information

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