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  • Use Powerful Tapping Techniques To Break Free From Boring Old Money Patterns!
  • Transform Your Negative Thoughts Into Positive Outcomes!
  • Re-wire Your Brain and Energy System To Create A Wealthy and Exciting Life on Your Terms!

Without a doubt, money and finances are a huge source of stress for most people. Generally, we assume that this is to do with not having “enough money”, yet for many people, actually having money brings enormous stress and worry as well.

Our relationship with money is all messed up. We receive so many conflicting messages about money throughout our lives that it’s no wonder we often don’t know where we stand with it.

I’m Sam Neffendorf from EFT Now and it’s my deep-seated belief that those of us who seek to make a difference with our ideas and actions can be much more effective if we are coming from a place of thriving financially and being able to support ourselves and our families while bringing our gifts to the world. I want to support as many conscious and creative change-makers as I can to thrive, so that they can be more effective in doing what they love and lead happier, less stressful lives.

Money is such a funny thing in our lives. Nothing seems to bring up such a mixed bag of emotions and beliefs in just about everybody. A lot of us truly crave to have more money in our lives, while being simultaneously repelled by it and what we’ve determined it to represent in the world. This was certainly my story. I spent quite a few years of my life working in the financial industry, even as the owner of a financial services company for three years between 2009 and 2012. At the same time, I was actually repulsed by the industry and what I thought it meant. This massive internal conflict led to spiralling self-doubt, low self-esteem and ever-increasing DEBT.


And what did I do about the negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs that I was holding about money and myself?


You guessed it – I shoved them down, pretended they weren’t there and lived in denial and I really do think that living like this for much longer would have been seriously dangerous for my health and probably killed me.


It was when I was on an amazing holiday, yet all I could do was think looping thoughts about the work and financial hell I had created for myself that I knew that things had to change. Once I had made that decision, although it took another year or so to materialise fully, everything changed. Just acknowledging my negative thoughts and feelings about the situation actually pushed me to do something about it and when, a few months later I discovered tapping, I had the tool to transform the feelings and turn the negative thoughts into objectives rather than obstacles.

The funny thing is that once I had made my escape and started working as an EFT practitioner, I was still unconsciously pushing against money. I wanted to save the world and help people with serious disease, PTSD, chronic pain and depression. While I love doing that, it was when I went to a small networking event for holistic practitioners and coaches that I realised that everyone there was talking about their problems with money. At that point, I knew that I had something great to offer them and within a few weeks, I hosted my first Wealth and Prosperity Consciousness Workshop Series.

12 holistic practitioners came to this series of four workshops where I combined tapping techniques with some of the more enlightened information that I picked up in the financial services industry. The course was very basic, but the participants who put what they learned into practice had awesome results – one example was Gail, who overcame fears and doubts that she had about quitting her corporate job and going full-time into her own business.  She soon ended up earning more from teaching people how to make natural beauty products that she had done from her job. After a while, her partner was also able to quit his job and focus full-time on their joint business. They even managed to grow the business while travelling round the world for eight months with their young baby. That’s an amazing example of busting out of the box. And it all started when she became really clear on her negative thoughts about money and tapped to release the emotional attachment to them.

Over the last four years, I've worked with hundreds of people in groups and on a 1-1 basis on their own personal issues with wealth and prosperity.  Recently, I created "Bust Out Of Your Money Box", a course designed to support as many free thinkers and change makers in the world as possible to break free from their own money B.S. (belief systems) so that they can take action and create a wealthy and thriving life that they love.

By Taking Part In This Online Course, You Will....

Recognise your unhelpful self-talk about money and wealth, learn how to process and then use it to create more of what you want in your life.  I call this the Power of Negative Thinking – an often overlooked but very important part of our human experience

Discover how your own personal money B.S. – that’s belief system is causing you frustration and pain.  Then you’ll build new, more enabling beliefs so that you will really believe you can create and enjoy a wealthy life on your terms

Uncover your individual values system that drives so many of your behaviours and then create inspired objectives that will fulfill those values in your life.  So many people set goals in their life without understanding their values based on what they think they SHOULD do.  It’s no wonder they don’t get there and when you learn to create goals that fulfil your values it makes a huge difference to you creating what you want.

Get clear on what you want to happen and then come up with an action plan to start moving towards it.  Now taking action can be scary and that’s why I’ll show you how to release the internal resistance to taking action so you can move forwards much more quickly.

And that’s not all.  Many people think that working on money issues is a superficial thing.  What I’ve found in the last five years of working with hundreds of people in groups and 1-1 on their money issues is that this stuff goes deep.  When you uncover the real, deep seated core beliefs behind your money issues and create new understandings, it can have a massive impact on all areas of your life, including your health, relationships, self-esteem, confidence and so much more.

I would thoroughly recommend Sam's Bust Out of The Money Box course, in fact I already have! I am so grateful that I discovered Sam as he is such a gifted EFT coach with a warm and relaxed approach to his work.

I found the course inspiring.  It gave me so much insight as to what my blocks around money and abundance were and working week by week it really helped me to stay focussed on my goals and follow through with actions.  Whilst working on this course I had a real increase in clients and money coming forth from other areas too! It also helped me see the areas of my work that I would like to develop and I'm fairly sure without doing this work I wouldn't have had that insight.

Sue Baker
It's Never Too Late
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The Course Includes These Six Sessions

Session 1 - Releasing Money Blocks - How to identify difficult thoughts and feelings about money and release them using tapping techniques, so that you can create space for new outcomes.

Session 2 - Think Negatively and Grow Rich - How to use your negative thought patterns and feelings about money to uncover and change deep rooted limiting beliefs so that you can master your own money mindset

Session 3 - The Value In Your Values -How understanding and living your values can lead to a truly rich life.  Why monetary goals just aren't motivating for most people and what you can do instead.

Session 4 - BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS! - How to set them in line with your values, so that your goals are meaningful to you AND THEN........How to deal with the emotional fallout and re-energised limiting beliefs that come up when you set a big exciting, comfort zone busting challenge for yourself.

Session 5 - MAKE IT HAPPEN! - It's time to create and take inspired actions to reach your goals and create the life that you want!

Session 6 - WEALTH FOR LIFE - Clearing remaining blocks and building a powerful, positive state to move forwards - plus tapping into the collective consciousness through the unified energy field

MASSIVE BONUS! - A 90 MINUTE ONE-TO-ONE SKYPE SESSION with me, that you can use at any time until 30th June 2017 for tailored support to clear stubborn blocks and guidance to make your desired outcomes a reality!

Sam Neffendorf's Bust Out Your Money Box online course is a fabulous mixture of bringing awareness of your current thought processes and the habits that reinforce your money concerns to ways or releasing you from them through the use of EFT / Tapping.

I throughly enjoyed the process and found out through realisation, how much I was blocking myself from the success in my business that I richly deserve.  I feel more confident and focused on taking the big goals I have envisioned and making them all a reality.

Chris Heath
Life 4 Living Therapy
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What Is Delivered In This Course?

  • Six 90 minute recorded video sessions using EFT and other techniques to blast through blocks and create inspired actions to create more wealth in your life. These are in audio and video format, so you can watch or listen to them again and again and really embody the learning
  • Tailored assignments to do between sessions, including action planning, identifying new and exciting ways to create wealth and energetic techniques to support everything that you do in the sessions
  • Access to a private forum so that we can all bounce ideas off and support each other every step of the way
  • Recorded visualisations and tapping meditations to keep you focused, calm and energised to reach your intentions. These are really powerful!

I was able to identify an ALMIGHTY belief that I had running with no idea and that was that 'I shouldn't be here', this stemmed back to before I was born and I had to verify it with some questions to my mum which verified what I had uncovered.

Without your help I would never have found my way to being able to uncover this, it has changed my life completely

Sarah Le Bas

Yes! Accounting, saving, planning, acknowledging. As a result I already have three new clients and a big job! As well as a huge audition tomorrow. This is fantastic. Thank you Sam (now to tap on slight overwhelm!) - still more to do but I feel so differently to about managing my finances. Less resentful and adolescent about it all! much love x

Alexia Traverse-Healy, Hathor and Bast
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Here's the Money Bit..........

So - how much will it cost to get into this program?


Well, when I make this course fully available next year, it’s going to be £297, which is great value for what people will get from it.  Right now, you can get it for £197!


In addition, my current price for a 90 minute one-to-one session is £147, so the total value that you are getting is £444 – so it’s over 65% off!  To put that in context, for the price of a one night stay in a hotel and a meal for two, you’ll get this information and transformation that could change your life forever.


Another way of putting it is that if, for example, you are an holistic practitioner and what you do in this course gets you just one client extra, that’s probably going to pay for it and, as you can see in the testimonials on this page, people on the pilot course did many times better than that.  Plus, the personal transformations that some experienced were truly life changing, as you can also read on this page.


So, why am I making this amazing offer?  Well, firstly my core personal values are Freedom, Love, Fun, Adventure and MAD – aka Making a difference.  I believe that by offering this at such an affordable price, I could really support some potential change makers in the world to become free from their financial constraints so they can really get their gifts out into the world.  This ripple effect of creating more freedom and love in the world is what really drives me.


Now to the fun and adventure.  Some of you will have got here from messages that I’m now living with my family out in Spain.  I’m really excited about this new adventure and how it all came about.


Just six months ago we were quite comfortable living in our lovely cottage in Bristol.  It was a long term rental and we had no plans to move, other than some vague ideas about wanting to go abroad some day.


Then, out of the blue, we got the news that the landlord had lost their job in America and wanted their house back.  Suddenly, everything was up in the air….


That evening, my wife, Star, and I sat down to think about what we were going to do.  I’d been tapping, she’d been tapping and after doing a bit of tapping together, we were able to look at what we really wanted with a clear head space.


One thing we had already done was got clear on our values – some of which we share and some of which are different, of course.  With these in mind, we quickly cooked up a plan to go to Spain – it was already in both our heads and this was the catalyst to making it happen.


With this clarity, we put the plan in place and took action.  This involved a great holiday/mission to Spain to find where we wanted to live and me changing my tapping practice from a local, Bristol based venture to a more global practice working with groups and people worldwide.


The funny thing is that, although we had to take action of course, so much of it just seemed to fall into place.  Suddenly, opportunities to make things happen seemed to crop up everywhere.  This is the way of things once you are tuned into an outcome that fulfils your values and have released the resistance with tapping.


Now – we’re celebrating and loving being here!  This is why I’m making this  offer of over 65% off my Bust Out of Your Money Box Online Course, along with a one-to-one session with me.  I want as many people as possible to be able to celebrate creating the outcomes that they want as well, so I’m making the same processes that we’ve used to create what we want available now.  I’ve also used these techniques with hundreds of individual and group clients and seen them have brilliant results, so I know they work.
I will be making the course available again in 2017 and it will be at least £197 without the one-to-one session.  Just so you know, if I upgrade any part of the course – extra bonuses etc before the main launch, I will also make them available to anyone who takes part in this offer.


Oh, one last thing.  There’s a 30 day, no questions asked money back guarantee, so if you decide it’s not for you, just let me know and you’ll get a full refund.


So, if you'd like to break free from your financial constraints and create a thriving, wealthy life on your terms in 2017, now is the time to take advantage of this great offer.
  • Q.How will the product be delivered?

    A.Following purchase, you will be directed to a page that will tell you how to download the video and audio lessons.  You will receive them all in one go, so you can learn at your own pace.  Shortly afterwards, you will receive information about the first mastermind group that you will be able to attend.  This will be held 30-40 days after you have purchased the product.  This is to enable you to go through some or all of the material, take action and be ready for the support of the live group call.

  • Q.Would I have to reveal anything personal to you or to other attendees?

    A.Only if you want to; one of the wonders of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting is the many ways in which we can help someone without having to know anything personal about them.  You will be encouraged to share, connect and engage with others – and the choice will always be yours.

  • Q.How will taking part in a group call benefit me unless I’m working specifically on my own “stuff”?

    A.One key benefit of tapping techniques is a process called borrowing benefits.  This means that all members of a group can resolve their own individual emotional blocks by focusing on one member’s specific issue.  This is an amazingly effective way of working and many people find they shift more due to the group energy than they do in 1-1 sessions.

  • Q.What is your refund policy?

    A.There is a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee on this product.  If you aren’t satisfied with it during that time, please let me know and I will refund your money, no questions asked within 7 days.

  • Q.How can I access the forum?

    A.The forum will be held in a private Facebook group that will be solely accessible to the participants.

  • Q.Do I need to know how to tap to take part?

    A.Before you start the sessions, you will need to know how to tap.  Learning the points only takes a few minutes and you will be directed to a video tutorial and given a tapping points diagram.  You will quickly pick it up.

  • Q.What happens if I can't make the live sessions?

    A.The live sessions will be recorded and you will have access to them, so that you can benefit from the assistance other people get with their challenges, as well as borrowing benefits from the tapping.

  • Q.Any other questions?

    A.Drop me a line at and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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I have found out that I link food with money! All centred around greed and feeling bad for being greedy. It goes back to a larder my grandmother had filled with amazing food that I wasn't allowed. The memory aged 6 led me to discovering a core pattern and why I always put weight back in after losing it and have no money to show even after earning it! It is this: eat the evidence, spend the evidence. Having/wanting food or money is greedy and so you need to get rid of it so people don't see how greedy you are.

This is huge for me and based in childhood. I will go and discover more but I feel like a huge lightbulb is flashing!

Lots of shifts, this week is the busiest week I've had with clients - fantastic if a little overwhelming 😉 - looking forward to tomorrow x

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The tapping techniques, guided meditations and exercises in this course are the same ones that Sam uses with his 1-1 clients and workshop groups, many of who have had amazing results.

Now you get the chance to learn, apply and receive the huge benefits these techniques bring to your life in your own time, in your own privacy at your own pace. Hundreds of people from all walks of life have made spectacular life changes using them!

So, make a decision to create a thriving and wealthy life on your terms.  This will require you to take action and the program will support you in doing that.  However, if you go through the program, take action and don’t feel like it is working for you, you can return the entire system at no cost to you within 30 days of purchase.

Please note that this program makes no guarantees of any income increases or anything else.  The results that you get are entirely down to your application of the processes in your life.

Just To Recap....

  • 6 Sessions available in both video and audio including powerful guided visualisations, borrowing benefits tapping sessions and practical exercises to create a wealthy life on your terms
  • A 90 minute one-to-one session with me that you can use at any time during and after the course
  • Access to a supportive community forum where I and the other members will be on hand to support you through your challenges and celebrate your wins
  • TOTAL PACKAGE VALUE - £444 (Actutally this is just the total price - the value is many, many times more)


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