It may seem that using EFT tapping for money is an odd thing to do.  How can tapping acupuncture points on your face and body while repeating phrases make any difference to your bottom line?  OK, it kind of makes sense to calm down from anxiety and stress, right?  But, how can money tapping work?

Well, if you think about it, money is one of, if not the biggest cause of high emotional states in the world.  It’s something that we become aware of at a very early age.  Most of us see the power it has in society, often through noticing the impact it has in our parent’s lives.  Before we have any concept of what money is, we are already laying down beliefs about it. Therefore, this is where money tapping really comes into its own.  Just think what kinds of beliefs are being formed in the mind of a young child experiencing the following:

  • Witnessing parents arguing over bills or a new purchase
  • Discovering that their friends have and get a lot more toys than they do
  • Discovering that they get more toys than a friend, whose parents can’t afford them
  • Being exposed to the idea that rich people are greedy/selfish/bad
  • Always being told that the best things in life are free/money doesn’t buy happiness
  • Being taunted at school for uncool clothes
  • Receiving strong religious messages that money is evil/unspiritual in some way

And, of course an infinite amount of potential experiences that can create internal conflict over money in some way.  Well, as these kinds of experiences continue throughout life, they will form layer upon layer of beliefs.  These can completely sabotage attempts as an adult to make, keep hold of or enjoy having money in life.  These layers of B.S. (belief systems naturally!) are usually unconscious.  The individual will just experience frustration, sadness, desperation or despair as their seemingly valid efforts fail to meet with success in some way, over and over again.  Well, tapping for money issues is an amazingly simple and effective way of breaking these patterns.

The reason that money tapping is so effective is that it enables you to quickly pull the deeply hidden money beliefs from the subconscious mind via the emotions that the person is feeling at the time.  The process neatly bypasses the conscious, rational mind and accesses the old memories and emotional attachments to the beliefs that can keep you stuck.  Once this happens, you become powerful to create new outcomes for wealth in your life – which is awesome.  I’ve personally supported many people to tap for money issues and they have had huge shifts and created amazing new outcomes.  This is because they have:

  • Recognised and understood the root causes of why their financial life has unrolled as it has
  • Released any stuck unhelpful emotion attached to old memories about money
  • Seen their beliefs for what they are – just stories that can be changed
  • Been able to take new, braver and more inspired actions to create what they want
  • Is Money Tapping about Miracles?

It seems like people are tapping for money miracles.  The reality is that it becomes a dependable process that you can use to change your financial situation forever.

That’s not all.  Often the beliefs and events that are keeping people stuck with money are intertwined with other seemingly unattached issues in life.  Health, relationships, self-esteem and addictions can all be caught up with them.  The ripple effect of working on something seemingly as materialistic as money and wealth can be deeply emotionally and spiritually profound.

I’d love to support you in creating a wealthy life that you love.  This can be done either individually or as part of my group program “Bust Out Of Your Money Box”.  I can work with you no matter where you live, so if you’d like to arrange an initial consultation, drop me a line at

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It gave me so much insight as to what my blocks around money and abundance were and working week by week it really helped me to stay focussed on my goals and follow through with actions. I know now how much value there is to  making an investment in yourself which ultimately results in personal gains and in my case, more than I had imagined!

Whilst working on this course I had a real increase in clients and money coming forth from other areas too! It also  helped me see the areas of my work that I would like to develop and I’m fairly sure without doing this work with Sam and the group I wouldn’t have had that insight. – Sue Baker



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