Matrix Reimprinting Basic Practitioner Training 2 day course

Did you know that…

…before the age of 7 your brain is predominantly in a theta brainwave state? This allows you to absorb an incredible amount of information without any way of differentiating between the empowering (e.g. “I am good enough”) and the disempowering (e.g. “There is something wrong with me”). Nothing is vetted or filtered … it just goes IN. And stays IN…. creating your life experience. Basically we are sponges.

…these beliefs are physically stored in your limbic brain? Your limbic brain kicks in whenever you’re under stress and acts as if these beliefs are true – causing you to feel insecure, anxious or despairing, or to self-sabotage. The morphic resonance of holding ourselves in a negative pattern can be changed and not by positive affirmations.

…your beliefs affect the way you experience life and what you attract into your life? [Abundance or poverty, sickness or health, living or abusive relationships…]

Imagine if you could get absolute clarity on why you or your clients are nervous in certain situations, depressed, struggling with money or relationships, or are allergic to something?

Imagine if you could understand like never before exactly why your life turned out the way it did, and see that, given what had happened to you before, it could not really have been any other way?

Imagine if you could then change your painful and limiting beliefs in your limbic brain (the only place you ever can), and install new, positive and supportive beliefs there, which changes your vibration and therefore – everything?

Now you can actually experience this
Whether we have had a good or bad childhood we still have perceptions and make beliefs Matrix Reimprinting can help you to overcome chronic pain, insecurities, allergies, phobias, insomnia, being overweight, – to name a few.

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As an EFT practitioner:

  • Do you find EFT limiting when dealing with the broad range of problems your clients bring?
  • Do you find that EFT does not help with certain issues?
  • Do you have some clients who remain stuck whatever you do – or they are dissociated and cannot tune in and give a SUDS level?
  • Do you sometimes find that you are not sure how to work with them?
  • Can the process at times feel repetitive or uncreative?
  • Or perhaps you have trouble uncovering blocked or pre conscious memories with conventional EFT?

Are you ready for a Change? Are you ready to watch your clients transform in a beautiful elegant and graceful manner?

Here is a tool that will assist you. One that is easy to use, and also fun and creative. A technique that allows you not only to take the negative emotions out of your past memories, but also to rewrite them.

Enabling you to incorporate all the latest developments from quantum physics and the New Biology into your EFT practice? If you have watched films like The Secret, or have read The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton about how our beliefs control our biology this training is an amazing opportunity for you to advance your practice by learning tools that enable you to apply the Law of Attraction or rewrite beliefs at a core level.

Who With?

Your Trainers

Penny Croal

Empowered by her own health crises, Penny discovered the powerful connection between mind and body over 10 years ago and has been writing, teaching, and serving clients with this knowledge ever since. Using techniques that led to her own healing after Bell’s Palsy and a nervous breakdown, Penny stepped into her own power, illuminating a richer, healthier, and more joyous life. This awakening of joy from within is what drives Penny’s practice and the song of her soul.

Penny Croal is a multi-disciplined practitioner and trainer, who passionately believes in the mind-body connection. Her own journey and her work with clients has led her to the conclusion that “we are what we believe and our health, along with the choices we make in life, correspond to our deeply held beliefs.”

She now is one of 3 Master META-Health Trainers in the Uk and one of 4 Master Matrix Reimprinting Trainers in Uk as well as training EFT, her own workshop Playing in the Matrix with Serious Dis-ease and specialising in Cancer

Sam Neffendorf

Penny is assisted in this training by Sam Neffendorf.

Sam breaks people out of the life-long trances, behaviour patterns and beliefs that are keeping them sick, skint and stuck. As a META-Health Coach, EFT Trainer and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, he inspires people to stand up for themselves, reach new levels of health and realise their potential to have an amazing life. Tapping and Energy Psychology techniques enabled him to escape from corporate life into doing something he loves and, most importantly to become a dad naturally (twice), after being told that this would be very difficult by his GP.

He now spends most of year living in a beautiful part of Spain with his family and hosts exciting retreats combining the profound insights from plant spirit medicine with the transformative power of tapping techniques.

Sam believes that now is an amazing time to move beyond whatever is keeping you stuck, so that you can create the life you want, make a difference in the world and play your part in building an amazing future.

You Will Learn:

  • How to work creatively with addictions, relationships, birth issues, phobias and allergies
  • A tool to help you clear and make lasting changes on the powerful impact trauma and memory has on your client’s energy field
  • How to find the root cause of even preconscious memories of trauma – and then rewrite it in a spontaneious manner
  • An ability to help you and your clients become their true authentic selves, free from limiting self-perpetuating beliefs
  • An opportunity to work in greater depth on your personal peace procedure – greater than you ever could with EFT alone!
  • A scientifically proven quantum tool that can start rewriting your past to transform your present.
  • Work with past lives and future selves.
  • Change your core belief systems in such fundamental ways that you actually change the subconscious message you are putting out into the world
  • An invitation to become part of the exciting world-wide community of matrix Reimprinting practitioners.
  • More “swap partners” to practice skills and help guide you in your own journey and work on yourself whenever you want – FOR FREE!
  • The opportunity to train with a dynamic, warm and talented trainer who lives and breathes her techniques, and has transformed her own life and that of hundreds of others.
  • World class post training support.
  • The opportunity to be at the forefront of an exciting new energy healing movement…
  • Learn an extraordinary yet simple transformative tool that you can integrate seamlessly and easily into your life and practice
  • Keep clients and yourself safe even when extreme painful memories and events have affected lives

You will also see demos and get to practice, practice and practice to build your confidence to use Matrix on yourself (and others, if you want).

This is not about reading Powerpoint slides This is experiential Are you ready to change? It can be scary however you will be held in a safe group with no more than 12 participants and experienced helpers to assist.


  • All course material.
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Mentoring at a reduced rate of £175 for 6 group sessions saving you £25
  • Online Enriching Practitioner Skills at reduced rate of £99 saving you £26
  • Online META-Health workshop at a reduced rate of £175 saving you £75
  • Access to a closed forum for internationally trained practitioners for swapping sessions, encouragement and mutual support
  • A clear path towards certification as a Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

Additional to becoming a Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner:

2 case studies
Online exam costing $15
Create your own page on the Matrix Reimreimprinting website as part of the training with videos for £99

Give yourself permission to grow in a safe place
Leave lighter than you arrived
Share tears and laughter
Experience for yourself this wonderful technique
Do you find EFT limiting when dealing with the broad range of problems your clients bring?
Plus you will have the opportunity to clear some of your own emotional challenges in the process!



Cost & Reservations

You can reserve for the workshop by paying a £ 50.00 deposit. The rest of the amount is paid on the day of the workshop.

Total fee: £ 325.00
Deposit: £ 50.00

Book Now With £50 Deposit