The Life Long Impact of Being Born – How our birth stories affect our lives

Remember the time when you were born?  Unlikely…..yet the pre-conscious memories formed before, during and after birth can have a significant impact on our lives.  They remain stored in our subconscious and are imprinted in the cellular memory of our bodies.


Everyone has a unique birth story and how they came into the world is reflected in the development and organisation of their body, brain and senses.  In addition, the way that we relate to the world and therefore our core beliefs begin to be formed as an outcome of this process.

Babies are conscious beings from a very early stage.  An example of this is their ability to recognise lullabies from when they were in the womb as demonstrated in this study  However, during their time in the womb and for several months after, they have no idea of self and consider their mother’s body to be an extension of their own.  Although they have their own blood supply, they pick up all of the emotional signals from their mum via hormones such as adrenalin, serotonin and oxytocin passing through the placenta.  This means that if parents were experiencing states such as worry, anger, fear, stress, grief through pregnancy, the baby will experience it emotionally as well, although they will have no idea of the actual cause.


In addition, the physical events leading up to, during and after the birth can have a massive impact throughout life.  Some examples of how these factors could manifest are as follows:


·         A baby conceived to loving, supporting parents and experiencing an easy birth may go through life always feeling supported and finding new beginnings easy

·         A baby considered ‘stuck’ in the womb and artificially induced with oxytocin may grow up to be easily stressed and always feeling rushed.  They could prefer to make decisions slowly and be prone to procrastination

·         An unwanted baby will have experienced the effects of the mothers shock in the womb and may have feelings of rejection, worthlessness, anxiety or not belonging.  If they were a surprise initially, but then the mother wanted the baby and regarded it with love from then on, these feelings are likely to be much less profound, or even non-existent

·         A baby born with the umbilical cord around its neck could end up with anything ranging from a fear of being confined to an obsession with strangulation

·         Being born after a failed abortion could be especially traumatic.  This was Saddam Hussein’s story and there is speculation that it was also the case with Hitler


Of course, these are only examples of what could happen.  There are infinite possibilities and all of the other events before, during and after birth and throughout the individuals life could have an effect.


There are so many variables involved, such as the impact of the modern medicalised birth process, compared to a more natural birth (neither is wrong), that it is impossible to cover all of them in this article.  However, one area that is really important is the developmental effect of the bonding process, or lack of it.  When born, human babies are among the most helpless in the animal kingdom.  Therefore, they are naturally pre-programmed to bond with the mother and father as a way of increasing their likelihood of survival.  The ideal situation for a new born baby is to have lots of skin to skin and eye to eye contact with the mother (and father) for at least 45 minutes after birth.  This causes the release of oxytocin (the love hormone) in both the baby and the parents, which creates a very strong bond.  It also commences an important development in the brain, which leads to the ability to create strong emotional bonds throughout life.

While the period just after birth is the ideal time for the bonding process to occur, the opportunity is not lost if it is missed at this stage.  The areas of the brain that are stimulated by the bonding process, the Cingulate Gyrus, can be accessed at any time.  It is estimated that babies that miss the initial bonding opportunity can catch up if they are later given plenty of love and attention, and that it takes around three months in this case.  We are hardwired to bond and even if it is missed during infancy, it is possible for it to be achieved in later life.  Fortunately, the importance of bonding is becoming increasingly understood and in many cases, babies are now left to have that time with the mother and father.  However, until very recently, this was not so and many people will have been taken away to be cleaned, weighed and even held upside down and smacked – a truly terrifying experience that could quickly give an impression that the world is not a safe place to be!


As bonding is so fundamental to us at a deep level, the absence of a good bonding experience and the physical, mental and emotional changes that it creates can lead to being predisposed to many issues.  These could include:


·         Depression

·         Substance Abuse

·         Eating Disorders

·         Child/Adult Suicide

·         Eczema/Asthma

·         Aggression/Violence/Sexual Issues

·         Disconnection/Separation

·         Mental Disorders

·         Anxiety/Worry


So, if you feel that issues in your life could be due to a traumatic birth or other pre-conscious incidents, what can you do about it?  Of course there are many treatments and techniques that can be of benefit for the above conditions, but what about getting to the core of the issue?  One answer could be Matrix Birth Reimprinting.  This is an amazing process that can be used to clear negative patterns associated with birth/pre-birth and reimprint a more positive birth memory.  The effects are so profound that it can even cause the participant to experience the emotional and physical/chemical effects of bonding, possibly for the first time in their life.


While this technique is literally suitable for anyone who has ever been born, it could be especially valuable for those experiencing heightened emotions around childbirth.  During pregnancy, it can be used to clear both Mum and Dad of their own birth trauma and fears about the birth and can even be used to imprint a positive future birth image, which can have profound effects on what actually happens. 


Birth Reimprinting isn’t just for resolving issues in your own birth.  It can also be used to clear any issues for both Mums and Dads resulting from the birth of their own children and any traumas that occurred or things that didn’t go according to plan.  It can have truly amazing effects on the parents and the children.


For those that have tried a number of different techniques, yet still have an itch that they just can’t scratch regarding a specific condition or emotional state that they are in, exploring the aspects around their birth and pre-conscious memories can also be very useful.  As with all Matrix Reimprinting processes, this isn’t just about finding out where the issue may come from.  It is actually resolved at a subconscious, energetic and physical level, which often has the effect of removing the issue entirely from the individuals life.  Often, the participant will receive valuable learning from the experience that can move them forwards in life in exciting and surprising ways.


If you would like to find out more about the benefits of Matrix Birth Reimprinting for you, please contact me.   I am a certified Matrix Birth Reimprinting Practitioner and will be delighted to offer an initial consultation at no expense if this is something that you would like to explore.  It’s never too late to have the perfect birth for you.


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