Can you beat winter blues once and for all?

Also known as S.A.D. or seasonal affective disorder, it’s a convenient label to give to people who struggle with any of a wide range of symptoms.  Like all “labels”, everyone who struggles with S.A.D. experiences it in different ways.

As usual, the conventional view is to treat or manage the symptoms as well as possible.  It’s seen as an “uncurable” condition.  However, from a holistic perspective, you can track the root cause behind the symptoms and apply treatment to that.  Tapping is a great way to do that.

Lethargy, excessive need for sleep, weight gain, craving carbohydrates and foods with a high fat content.  These are some of the common winter blues symptoms.  All were evolutionary benefits when we relied on natural light.  A great strategy was to fatten up, conserve energy and stay out of the cold and wet.  This would have kept many of our ancestors alive and healthy and enabled success in the gene pool.  Like many of our biological imperatives however, this hasn’t caught up with the way we live our lives now.  It can be extremely debilitating for many of us.

We have artificial light and heat and a very different lifestyle to those ancestors.  The symptoms that would have served them can be a massive hindrance to us.

So, one reason that you might struggle to beat winter blues is that it’s been hardwired epigenetically into your DNA – An ancestral pattern.  This is something that can be worked on and changed with EFT and other tapping practices, such as Matrix Reimprinting.

Now as well as any ancestral patterns, there will almost certainly be specific reasons from events that have happened in your life.  These could be causing you to experience symptoms that are labelled as SAD.  For example, someone you love, a grandparent perhaps, died when you were young.  This happened at a time of year when it was getting cold and wet.  Your subconscious mind might associate that time of year with the extreme sadness that you felt at that time.  You might be triggered into that behaviour pattern, even though, consciously you don’t link the reasons.

Or it could be something seemingly insignificant to you as an adult, but which had a big impact on you when you were young.  Maybe as simple as being told “you can’t go outside, it’s too wet” or even the dreaded “you’ll catch your death of cold”.  All you wanted to do was go out and splash around.  Over and over, you heard these messages until they became an embedded unconscious command that this time of year just isn’t safe.

Now when, the events that have happened in your life trigger an epigenetic switch for something that is already in your DNA (ancestral pattern), it is likely that it will affect you profoundly.

So there could be many, many possible reasons that you struggle at these times of the year.  Finding the specific events and patterns and releasing your emotional attachment to them could really change that for you.  Drop me a line if you’d like to explore creating a permanent shift in how you feel.

Of course, there are also symptoms and you can use tapping to manage them as well.  This is first aid tapping, used on day to day stuff, rather than attempting to go deep.  For a guide on how to do this, just watch the short video on this page (the tapping starts at 2 minutes 45 seconds in the video)

Great – so now, you’ve got a way to manage symptoms.  That on its own is very useful.  However, it’s really the beginning of what you can do with tapping.  Whatever symptoms or pain you are feeling, I’d love to support you to beat winter blues permanently.  You can book a free 20 minute consultation with me here.

Beat winter blues