Accelerated Healthy Living and Self-Transformation through EFT/Matrix Reimprinting with Trainers Penny Croal and Sam Neffendorf

As a professional practitioner is it time that you are ready to step up and share this wonderful tool that Karl Dawson Created in 2007 which has impacted the holistic world as a collective conscious healing?

Now is the time for you to step up and become an Ambassador of EFTMRA sharing EFT & Matrix Reimprinting with the world!

Benefits for you :-


That is why we created the EFT/Matrix Reimprinting taster day to impact your ability to  function at your full potential.

This one day taster event is open to everyone who has been a practitioner for 1 year or more. This day will be a fun way to introduce you to a simple one day workshop, guided by Penny and Sam and learn how to put EFT/MATRIX REIMPRINTING into practice.

You will need to bring someone who has not attended an EFT/Matrix Reimprinting day along with you they will also pay the £99 and if they choose to attend one of Penny’s or Sam’s Future workshop they will be discounted £75 from the workshop.

What You Discover At This Event

  • The True Power of EFT AND Matrix Reimprinting In Resolving Trauma and Eliminating Limiting Beliefs
  • How to Get to the Root of Core Issue and Change Them Effectively
  • How to Create Rapid Personal Transformation both Physically and Emotionally
  • How to Integrate Your Own Therapies into Matrix Reimprinting
  • How to Become Peaceful and Create Amazing Results
  • How to find and chat to your ECHO and change the energy of trauma
  • And Much More!


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Your Trainers

Penny Croal

Empowered by her own health crises, Penny discovered the powerful connection between mind and body over 10 years ago and has been writing, teaching, and serving clients with this knowledge ever since. Using techniques that led to her own healing after Bell’s Palsy and a nervous breakdown, Penny stepped into her own power, illuminating a richer, healthier, and more joyous life. This awakening of joy from within is what drives Penny’s practice and the song of her soul.

Penny Croal is a multi-disciplined practitioner and trainer, who passionately believes in the mind-body connection. Her own journey and her work with clients has led her to the conclusion that “we are what we believe and our health, along with the choices we make in life, correspond to our deeply held beliefs.”

She now is one of 3 Master META-Health Trainers in the Uk and one of 4 Master Matrix Reimprinting Trainers in Uk as well as training EFT, her own workshop Playing in the Matrix with Serious Dis-ease and specialising in Cancer

Sam Neffendorf

Sam Neffendorf breaks people out of the life-long trances, behaviour patterns and beliefs that are keeping them sick, skint and stuck. As a META-Health Coach, EFT Trainer and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, he inspires people to stand up for themselves, reach new levels of health and realise their potential to have an amazing life. Tapping and Energy Psychology techniques enabled him to escape from corporate life into doing something he loves and, most importantly to become a dad naturally (twice), after being told that this would be very difficult by his GP.

He now spends most of year living in a beautiful part of Spain with his family and hosts exciting retreats combining the profound insights from plant spirit medicine with the transformative power of tapping techniques.

Sam believes that now is an amazing time to move beyond whatever is keeping you stuck, so that you can create the life you want, make a difference in the world and play your part in building an amazing future.


Book Now With £50 Deposit